What BJP Should Do To Attract Muslims?

Mohammad Saif

Mumbai, 22nd March 2023: To attract Muslims to the party, the BJP can try several strategies, such as:

1. Take up issues that are important to Muslims: The party can focus on addressing issues that are of importance to Muslim communities, such as employment, education, and poverty.

2. Project Muslim leaders: The BJP can project Muslim leaders and candidates for elections. This can help to increase Muslim representation in the party and project the BJP as a party that is inclusive.

3. Improve the party’s image: The BJP can improve its image among Muslims by disavowing discriminatory remarks made by some of its members and leaders, and by engaging with diverse communities.

4. Work with Muslim Organizations: The party can work with Muslim organizations to increase dialogue and understanding on important issues.

5. Advocate for Secularism: BJP can advocate for secularism, which can give the impression that the party is looking to provide equal rights and opportunities for all citizens irrespective of their religion.

6. Increase participation in Jamaat work: BJP workers can increase participation in Jamaat work, which can help them to understand the issues faced by Muslim communities, and work towards addressing them.

Attracting Muslims to the party requires a proactive strategy by the BJP that emphasizes the inclusion of all communities. Projects and strategies will be effective only when there is a genuine intention to bridge the trust deficit that exists today amongst Muslim communities towards BJP.

(Mohammad Saif is a political activist and development practitioner based in Maharashtra.)