CBI Submits Final Report In Narendra Dabholkar Murder Case

Mumbai, 30th January 2023: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) informed the High Court on Monday that further investigation into the Dr Narendra Dabholkar, Founder of Superstition Eradication Committee, murder case has been completed, and the report has been sent to the headquarters for approval. Not only this, the CBI clarified at this time that it is entrusting the decision of the demand that the supervision of the High Court is necessary in this case, even when the case is ongoing. The court said to let the final decision come whether the report submitted by the investigating officer is accepted by the CBI headquarters or not. Also, the hearing of the case was adjourned for three weeks.

Dabholkar’s family has requested the court to maintain the case even while the case is ongoing, claiming that the supervision of the High Court is necessary. Taking cognizance of it, the court ordered the CBI to clarify its position regarding this demand. At the same time, a report on the present status of the investigation was also ordered to be submitted.

The hearing was held on Monday before a bench of Justice Ajay Gadkari and Justice Prakash Naik. At that time, further investigation of the case was completed, and 15 out of 32 witnesses have been examined in the case. Additional Attorney General Anil Singh also told the court that the report on the completion of the investigation has been sent to the CBI headquarters for approval. Is there a need to monitor the case or not? – The court asked this question to Singh. Singh reiterated there was no need to monitor the case, but that the report on the completion of the investigation had been sent to the CBI headquarters. Also, Singh told the court that it will take three weeks to decide on the report.

While arguing on behalf of accused Sharad Kalskar and Vikram Bhave in the case, advocate Subhash Jha also reiterated that there is no need for judicial supervision of the case and demanded disposal of the petition. The CBI has not properly investigated the matter. Advocate Abhay Nevegi told the court on behalf of the Dabholkar family that there were many errors in the investigation. The state’s Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) then disclosed the case to the court. The court, however, adjourned the hearing of the case for three weeks.