Pune: Former Corporator Takes Money For Tender From Contractor In Name Of PMC Officials

Sumit Singh

Pune, 14th March 2023: A former corporator of a major political party has allegedly swindled two per cent of the tender amount from the contractor for work under the 15th Finance Commission funds received by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), saying he will get the work done.

Meanwhile, as the tender for the work that was to be procured came at a very nominal rate, the administration will likely decide not to do the work. Due to this, these corporators are in a dilemma.

Officials privately say that the percentage is taken in the same way even after the appointment of an administrator in the municipal corporation. Interestingly, this corporator was also a standing committee member. It is discussed that the contractor has diverted this amount in the name of a senior officer.

According to some officials, the municipality has received funds under the 15th Finance Commission. Out of this, the works of solid waste, electricity, environment, roads, and other departments will be done. Under this, works worth Rs nine to ten crores were to be done in South Pune. The administration also issued a tender for that. Reportedly, this gentleman took two per cent of the tender amount from the contractor asking to get the related work promising that they were for the top two officers of the PMC.

After that, the relevant contractor was also qualified in the tender. But at the same time tenders were coming for similar works at a rate of 25 to 30 per cent lower, but this tender came at a rate of less than five per cent. Due to this, there is a possibility that the tender itself will be canceled, as there is a picture that the corporation will suffer a loss from it.

During the administrative period, the direct intervention of contractors and corporators in the tender process of the municipal corporation decreased and the tenders for all development works started coming at a 20 to 25 per cent lower rate. This resulted in financial savings for the municipal corporation.

However, to get these works, some former corporators are taking money directly in the name of officials, and “lobbying” is also being done. Since there is no corporator directly in the standing committee or the main assembly, they cannot interfere in the affairs of the municipal corporation, so they approach the contractors and take a certain percentage from them. Also, the authorities are being pressured for tenders. If the contractor one wants does not get the job, letters are being issued to cancel the tenders of the contractors who got the job.

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