Big Blow to Mamata Government as Calcutta HC Cancels 23,000 Jobs in Bengal School Recruitment Scam

Kolkata, 22nd April 2024: In a significant setback to the Mamata Banerjee-led government, the Calcutta High Court delivered a crucial verdict today regarding the 2016 SSC recruitment panel in West Bengal. The High Court declared the entire recruitment process invalid, specifically targeting appointments from the 9th to 12th grades and Group C and D categories where irregularities were detected. This decision led to the cancellation of thousands of jobs, impacting 23,753 individuals.

The High Court’s ruling deemed all appointments made by the School Service Commission in the mentioned categories as illegal, prompting the cancellation of jobs for nearly 24,000 individuals. These affected individuals have been instructed to refund their full salaries along with a 12% interest within four weeks. District officials have been directed to ensure the recovery of these funds within six weeks.

The High Court has mandated the School Service Commission to initiate new appointments to fill the vacant positions left by the cancellations. The court emphasized that the ongoing CBI investigation into the recruitment scam will continue, with potential arrests for those found guilty. Additionally, a revaluation of OMR sheets for 23 lakh candidates has been ordered by the High Court. Despite the widespread cancellations, an exception was made for Soma Das, who is battling cancer.

The court granted her job security amidst the turmoil caused by the recruitment scandal. However, for the remaining affected individuals, swift action is expected from the administration in terms of new appointments within the next 15 days.
The decision by the Calcutta High Court marks a significant development in the ongoing probe into the teacher recruitment scam in West Bengal. The cancellation of thousands of jobs and the directive for refunds with interest underscore the severity of the irregularities uncovered in the 2016 SSC recruitment process.
The court’s insistence on new appointments and continued investigation by the CBI highlight the commitment to upholding transparency and accountability in government recruitment procedures. As the affected individuals grapple with the repercussions of losing their jobs and facing financial liabilities, the administration’s prompt action on new appointments will be crucial in restoring stability and trust in the education system. The High Court’s ruling serves as a reminder of the importance of fair and merit-based recruitment practices to ensure integrity and credibility in public service.

The Calcutta High Court’s decision to cancel thousands of jobs in the Bengal school recruitment scam sends a strong message about accountability and transparency in government processes. The call for new appointments and ongoing investigations signal a commitment to rectifying past wrongs and upholding standards of fairness and justice in recruitment practices.