Father of Accused in Hubballi College Murder Expresses Remorse, Calls for Strict Punishment

Hubali, 22nd April 2024: The father of 23-year-old Fayaz, who is accused of killing the daughter of a Congress corporator inside a college campus in Hubballi, has expressed deep remorse for his son’s actions and has called for strict punishment to ensure such a tragedy never occurs again. Baba Saheb Subani, a school teacher, apologized to the victim’s family and acknowledged the gravity of the situation, emphasizing that his son should face the consequences of his actions.

Despite acknowledging his son’s mistake, Subani highlighted that Fayaz and the victim were in a relationship, although he had refused their desire to marry. He condemned his son’s actions and appealed for forgiveness from the people of Karnataka, recognizing the impact of his son’s actions on the community.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family is seeking justice and demanding the harshest punishment for Fayaz, insisting that their daughter’s soul will only find peace through his execution. The tragic incident has sparked public outrage and protests, leading to a political debate between the Congress and BJP in Karnataka.

Neha Hiremath, the victim, was a first-year MCA student who was allegedly stabbed to death by Fayaz on the college campus. The accused was arrested by the police following the incident. The motive behind the attack is believed to be related to their past relationship, although further investigation is ongoing to verify the details.