Mumbai: Mechanism For Citizens’ Complaints, Suggestions Through Social Media Should Be Implemented Immediately: CM Eknath Shinde

Mumbai, 19th May 2023: Citizens are proposing their suggestions and complaints related to the government through various social media. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde today (19th May) suggested that a joint mechanism of government and the Chief Minister’s Secretariat is being set up by the Information Technology Department to take immediate action on it.

A meeting was held today at Sahyadri guest house regarding the effective implementation of various activities of the Information Technology Department.

Information Technology Principal Secretary Parag Jain and Information Technology Director Jayashree Bhoj made a presentation in this regard. Apart from the traditional methods, citizens are sending suggestions, complaints, and statements to the government through email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media.

“To take action on it, it is necessary to send the said suggestions to the relevant departments, follow up and keep getting information about it,” the Chief Minister said that the Information Technology Department is setting up this system with the help of ‘Aple Sarkar’ team and it should be implemented soon so that the citizens can use it.

The ‘My Scheme’ portal is also being prepared like the centre where any citizen of the state can easily know which scheme of the state or the centre they can avail of. Major changes are also being made in the website of the Maharashtra government and care is being taken to provide the necessary information easily and immediately.

Various projects are underway in the state. A tracking system is being developed to keep an eye on the said works and know their current status. A golden data (Suvarna Vida) system is being developed to keep all the data of all the departments of the state and the government as a whole together.

Drones are useful for many purposes and are also used by various departments in the government. For this, a comprehensive drone policy is also being finalized and information about it was also given in the meeting. It was said that a legal tracking system is also being prepared to know the information of the court cases related to the state government as well as the current status and other matters in one click.

Apart from this, it was also informed how files have been disposed of through the e-office. Informing that the work of spreading the Bharatnet network across the state has been completed in 77 per cent of 26 districts, Principal Secretary Parag Jain said that BSNL is taking steps to provide connectivity in 2,751 Gram Panchayats.

Apart from this, information was given about Chief Minister Dash Board and Chief Minister Helpline. It was also said that chatbot and WhatsApp have been included in the helpline. So, if the Chief Minister wants to convey some important message to the citizens, it will also be convenient.