Delhi HC Issues Summons To BBC In Defamation Suit Against Banned Documentary On PM Modi

New Delhi, 22nd May 2023: Today (May 22), the Delhi High Court summoned the BBC in a defamation case against the outlawed documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A Gujarat-based NGO called Justice on Trial filed a lawsuit alleging that the documentary “India: The Modi Question” cast a slur on the character of the nation, the judiciary, and the Prime Minister.

Justice Datta set the case for hearing the next month in September while issuing a summons in the lawsuit.

The judge ordered, “It is alleged that the aforementioned documentary contains defamatory accusations and caste slurs against the Prime Minister of India as well as against the reputation of the nation and judiciary. Send notice to the respondents via all legal channels.”

Senior attorney Harish Salve, representing the NGO, claimed that the documentary had disparaged India and its whole system, including the judiciary.

In a previous case involving the documentary, BJP leader Binay Kumar Singh had sued the BBC, Wikimedia Foundation, and the US-based Internet Archive for defamation and asked the court in Delhi to compel them to stop publishing the film or any other content about the RSS and VHP.