Live: PM Narendra Modi To Counter Allegations In No Confidence Motion Address

New Delhi, 10th August 2023: Live Coverage of No Confidence Motion: Prime Minister Narendra Modi Set to Address Allegations Today

In a culmination of discussions surrounding the No Confidence motion, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is poised to deliver his response today. The final day of deliberation will see PM Modi addressing a range of allegations, with particular emphasis on those presented by opposition leader Rahul Gandhi. The focal points of concern encompass accusations spanning nepotism, the perpetuation of a dynastic approach, allegations of corruption, and even contentions regarding India’s diplomatic alignments being swayed by opportunistic motives.

While the motion’s outcome is anticipated to lean towards its defeat, the BJP’s objective remains to secure a substantial margin of victory. This strategic approach aims to undermine the perception of a cohesive opposition front, further asserting the party’s position.