Arvind Kejriwal Pledges 24-Hour Electricity and Free Education in INDIA Bloc’s Election Agenda

New Delhi, 12th May 2024: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, bolstering support for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), unveiled his ’10 commitments’ should the Opposition INDIA bloc secure victory in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

During a press briefing in Delhi on Sunday, the AAP national convenor outlined electoral pledges, including 24-hour electricity nationwide, free education, and advocating for full statehood for Delhi. Additionally, he vowed to address the issue of alleged land encroachment by China along the Indian border.

Kejriwal clarified that these commitments were solely his initiative and had not been discussed with other INDIA bloc partners. However, he expressed optimism that these proposals would be well-received.

“I guarantee that upon the INDIA alliance assuming power, these commitments will be diligently pursued,” he asserted.

Here are the 10 commitments outlined by Arvind Kejriwal:
1. Electricity Assurance: Ensuring round-the-clock electricity supply with the first 200 units of power provided free of charge nationwide.
2. Educational Commitment: Establishing provisions for free education for all and enhancing government schools to surpass private institutions.
3. Healthcare Pledge: Elevating infrastructure and amenities at government hospitals to match those in private healthcare facilities.
4. Land Reclamation Endeavor: Committing to reclaiming India’s land allegedly occupied by China, and empowering the military in this pursuit.
5. Termination of Agniveer Scheme: Announcing the discontinuation of the Agniveer scheme introduced by the Narendra Modi government.
6. MSP Assurance: Guaranteeing farmers a Minimum Support Price for their produce.
7. Statehood Commitment: Pledging to secure full statehood for Delhi.
8. Employment Guarantee: Proposing strategies to generate two crore employment opportunities annually.
9. Anti-corruption Assurance: Committing to eradicate policies that shelter corrupt individuals and strive towards a corruption-free nation.
10. GST Commitment: Planning to streamline the Goods and Services Tax (GST) system, with an ambition to surpass China’s trade capacity.