Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah Defends State Police, Rejects BJP’s Call for CBI Probe

Bengaluru, 12th May 2024: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah dismissed the notion of transferring the investigation into sexual abuse allegations against Hassan MP Prajwal Revanna to the CBI, expressing confidence in the state police’s Special Investigation Team (SIT) handling the case. He questioned the BJP’s credibility in making such demands and emphasized trust in the efficiency of the state police, rebuffing what he deemed as the opposition party’s attempts to sow doubt about the integrity of the ongoing probe.

Siddaramaiah highlighted the BJP’s historical skepticism towards the CBI, recalling their past characterization of the agency as the ‘Corruption Bureau of Investigation’ and their reluctance to entrust any cases to it during their own tenure in power. While acknowledging his previous cooperation with the CBI on certain cases during his tenure as Chief Minister, he underscored the need for cases to be assigned to the CBI based on merit, rather than as a matter of distrust in the state police.

The controversy surrounding Prajwal Revanna, grandson of JD(S) leader H D Deve Gowda, facing allegations of sexual misconduct has ignited a political showdown between the ruling Congress and the BJP-JD(S) coalition. Despite the formation of an SIT by the Congress government to investigate the allegations, demands from the BJP and JD(S) for a CBI inquiry persist, along with calls for action against those responsible for circulating purported abuse videos.

Addressing accusations that the arrest of BJP leader Devaraje Gowda was a ploy to shield Congress leaders implicated in the video scandal, Siddaramaiah dismissed such claims as baseless, attributing them to the BJP’s penchant for unfounded allegations. He reiterated the government’s commitment to non-interference in the SIT’s investigation, affirming the authorities’ mandate to conduct a thorough inquiry and ensure justice.

Responding to Union Minister Pralhad Joshi’s alleged remarks accusing the Congress government of orchestrating a ‘witch hunt’ against BJP workers, Siddaramaiah urged Joshi to exercise responsibility in his statements, dismissing the allegations as yet another instance of the BJP’s propensity for falsehoods. He reiterated confidence in the impartiality of the SIT’s investigation and emphasized the need for accountability in public discourse, particularly from elected officials at the national level.