PM Modi Pledges to Shun Divisive Politics, Stresses Inclusivity in Varanasi Nomination Filing

Varanasi, 15th May 2024: PM Modi emphasized his commitment to refrain from divisive politics during his nomination filing for the Varanasi Lok Sabha seat, stating that he would not engage in “Hindu-Muslim” politics. He clarified that his references to “infiltrators” and “those with more children” in campaign speeches were not aimed at any particular religious group, highlighting instead the common issue of poverty regardless of faith.

Modi expressed dismay at the assumption that such references targeted Muslims specifically, affirming his belief in inclusivity. He shared personal anecdotes of growing up in a diverse neighbourhood, where festivals were celebrated together, showcasing his understanding and respect for different cultures. Despite efforts to tarnish his image following incidents like Godhra, Modi emphasized his dedication to serving all citizens and expressed confidence in garnering support from across the country.

During the nomination filing, he was accompanied by a diverse group of political leaders, symbolizing unity and support from various regions. Modi also expressed gratitude for the bond he shares with the city of Varanasi and vowed to continue serving its people diligently. Additionally, he participated in religious ceremonies, further emphasizing his connection to the cultural and spiritual fabric of the region.