Government Decided To End VIP Quota For Haj

New Delhi, 11th January 2023: The Central Government has taken a big decision regarding the Haj pilgrimage. The VIP quota given by the government for Haj is going to end now. Union Minister Smriti Irani told a TV channel on Wednesday that the government has decided to abolish the reserved Haj quota available to people in top constitutional posts and the minority affairs ministry.

It is part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s resolve to end the VIP culture. Irani, the Minority Affairs Minister, hit out at the Congress-led UPA government, saying the reserved quota was introduced during its tenure.

VIP culture was implemented during the UPA rule regarding Haj. Under this, a special quota was allotted for the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Haj Committee and all those holding top constitutional posts. Irani said the Haj Committee urged to abolish this quota, and all the Haj Committees of different states have supported it.

He said when it was started in 2012, there were about 5,000 seats under this special quota. Irani said the government has abolished it. “The PM believed that if we have to end the VIP culture completely, then any such special classification in any department should be abolished,” she said. She also reiterated the resolve of the Prime Minister that a comprehensive Haj policy will be announced in future, taking care of the needs of the poor.