Defense Minister Rajnath Singh Vows Action Against Terrorists Operating from Neighboring Territories

New Delhi, 6th April 2024: Defense Minister Rajnath Singh responded to a report suggesting India’s Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) had pursued a strategy to neutralize terrorists residing abroad. In an interview, Singh asserted, “Should any terrorist attempt to disrupt India’s peace from neighbouring territories or engage in terror activities within India, we will respond with appropriate measures.”

“If such terrorists seek refuge in Pakistan [from India], we will pursue them into Pakistan and take necessary action,” Singh emphasized.

Singh reiterated India’s commitment to maintaining amicable relations with all neighbouring nations. “Historically, India has never initiated aggression against any country or sought territorial expansion,” he stated.

“However, if India is targeted repeatedly, we will not hesitate to respond,” Singh affirmed during the interview.

Singh’s remarks came following a report in The Guardian alleging Indian government involvement in the targeted killings of individuals in Pakistan as part of a broader strategy to combat terrorism abroad.

Citing sources from Indian and Pakistani intelligence agencies, as well as documents provided by Pakistani investigators, the report claimed that these deaths were carried out by Indian intelligence operatives, primarily based in the United Arab Emirates.

The report highlighted nearly 20 alleged killings since 2020, attributed to unidentified gunmen in Pakistan. This marked the third instance where India faced accusations of involvement in assassinations or attempted assassinations on foreign soil.

Previously, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had referenced ‘credible allegations’ against India regarding the killing of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Additionally, the United States disclosed thwarting an assassination plot targeting another Khalistani separatist, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun.

Guardian report suggested, “While India has been previously linked unofficially to these deaths, this marks the first instance where Indian intelligence personnel openly discussed alleged operations in Pakistan, with accompanying documentation alleging direct involvement of RAW in the assassinations.”