Pune: Vilas Lande Issues Caution to NCP Leadership, Urges Careful Consideration on Outsider Candidate for Shirur Lok Sabha Seat

Pune, 2nd March 2024: Vilas Lande, the former MLA of Bhosari Legislative Assembly and current aspirant for the Shirur Lok Sabha seat, has offered a nuanced perspective on the potential nomination of an outsider candidate for the Shirur Lok Sabha Constituency. Reflecting on his dedicated involvement as a loyal worker for Ajit Pawar during the 2019 Shirur Lok Sabha elections, where he earnestly supported Amol Kolhe at Ajit Pawar’s request, Lande has issued a pointed caution to Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar. He emphasizes that if there is contemplation about fielding an external candidate, certain considerations and decisions must be carefully weighed.

Expressing his longstanding interest spanning fifteen years, Vilas Lande remarked, “Since 2009, my enthusiasm for the Shirur Lok Sabha seat has remained unwavering. However, certain adjustments need to be made following the leaders’ decisions, and our actions should align accordingly.” As the 2024 Shirur Lok Sabha Constituency Election approaches, the political landscape has undergone significant shifts. Lande highlights his prior preparation for the 2019 election in the same constituency, during which he diligently toured for four months, actively contributing to creating a conducive environment.

Despite the entry of Amol Kolhe into the NCP and his subsequent nomination, Lande, guided by Ajit Pawar’s directive, worked earnestly. In light of these experiences, the former MLA cautioned Ajit Pawar, emphasizing that any consideration for an outsider candidate requires careful deliberation and decision-making. Consequently, the crucial question arises about whether the NCP will nominate either former MP Shivajirao Adhalarao Patil or ex-MLA Vilas Lande for the Shirur seat.

Vilas Lande’s resolute stance poses a potential challenge for the NCP Ajit Pawar faction and might lead to an uncomfortable situation. Recognized for his close ties with Sharad Pawar and Ajit Pawar, the former MLA boasts an impressive 35 years of political experience. Despite his longstanding association, the realization of his aspiration to become a Member of Parliament has eluded him thus far.

The opportunity presented itself in 2019, offering him a timely chance. Notably, former MP Shivajirao Adhalarao Patil recently expressed his willingness to contest the Shirur Lok Sabha elections under the NCP banner if instructed by the party. This development likely prompted Vilas Lande to adopt a more assertive stance in the current situation.