Maharashtra’s Abhay Yojana Proves Successful: Crores Contributed to State Coffers as Citizens Respond Positively

Mumbai, 2nd March 2024: In a notable effort to alleviate the financial burden on citizens and boost revenue, the Registration and Stamp Duty Department introduced the Abhay Yojana. This initiative, aimed at addressing cases of non-payment or underpayment of stamp duty, has garnered significant support from the public, contributing substantial sums to the state’s coffers.

The first phase of Abhay Yojana concluded on Thursday (February 29), marking a successful start to the program. Launched by the state government on December 1, 2023, the scheme has already achieved remarkable results in its initial stages.

During the first phase, spanning from December 1, 2023, to February 29, 2024, a total of 52,549 cases were registered across 43 stamp collector offices in the state. Impressively, 30,326 of these cases have been successfully resolved, resulting in a revenue influx of Rs. 156.24 crore to the government. With 22,223 cases still under review, authorities are diligently working towards their resolution.

As the second phase commenced on March 1, citizens are encouraged to take advantage of the scheme, offering a 20 percent concession in stamp duty and up to 80 percent concession in penalty amounts. Joint Inspector General of the Registration and Stamp Duty Department, Nand Kumar Katkar, has urged citizens to apply by March 31 to avail themselves of the benefits in the ongoing phase.

The division-wise breakdown of recovered amounts across the state reflects the widespread success of Abhay Yojana:

– Mumbai: Rs. 44,08,66,079
– Konkan: Rs. 31,75,20,641
– Pune: Rs. 34,03,82,419
– North Maharashtra: Rs. 25,62,75,182
– Vidarbha: Rs. 2,27,46,195
– Ch. Sambhajinagar: Rs. 4,75,13,302
– Nagpur: Rs. 11,74,47,973
– Marathwada: Rs. 1,96,79,106

The cumulative total from all regions stands at an impressive Rs. 156.24 crore.

An overview of the plan reveals a meticulous breakdown of funds, with stamp duty contributing Rs. 119.67 crore, recovery penalty amounting to Rs. 35.03 crore, and registration fees totaling Rs. 1.52 crore.

The success of Abhay Yojana not only aids citizens in resolving stamp duty matters but also bolsters the state’s financial health. With an encouraging response in the first phase, the second phase is poised to bring further relief to citizens and boost the state’s revenue stream.