Rising Accident Rates on Mumbai-Nagpur Samriddhi Highway Spark Urgent Action: 16 Helipads Planned for Swift Medical Aid

Mumbai, 28th May 2023: The escalating number of accidents on the Mumbai-Nagpur Samriddhi Highway has raised serious concerns. In response, the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) has devised an action plan to prevent accidents along the highway.

As part of the plan, 16 helipads will be constructed to facilitate immediate air ambulance transportation for injured individuals in case of accidents or emergencies. The tender process for this initiative is currently underway and construction is expected to commence soon.

The Samriddhi Highway has significantly reduced travel time between Nagpur and Bharveer to just six hours. However, the increasing number of accidents on this highway has become a pressing issue. It has been observed that a majority of these accidents are a result of drivers disregarding speed limits and experiencing highway hypnosis. To address this concern, proactive measures are being implemented through an action plan. The plan includes the establishment of a helipad approximately every 30 kilometers along the highway to ensure immediate medical assistance for accident victims.

Additionally, these helipads are part of a larger scheme encompassing 16 different services and facilities, such as food plazas, petrol pumps, and more, along the highway. Joint Managing Director of MSRDC, Anil Kumar Gaikwad, stated that construction of 16 helipads is planned along the highway.

A joint tender has been issued for the provision of various services at 16 locations along the highway. Despite multiple extensions due to a lack of response, a tender has now been submitted and is currently undergoing scrutiny. The finalization of the tender is imminent, and the development of these services and facilities will soon follow suit.

While initially proposing 16 helipads along the Samriddhi Highway, the future plan entails an expansion to a total of 22 helipads. With the implementation of helipads along the highway, accident victims will be swiftly admitted to hospitals via air ambulances, ensuring immediate and proper medical treatment.

The construction of helipads along the Samriddhi Highway marks a crucial step in bolstering emergency response capabilities, providing expedited medical aid to those in need during accidents or critical situations. The MSRDC’s initiative aims to enhance safety and ensure the well-being of travelers along this important highway route.