Raj Thackeray’s Visit to Pune Turns Sour: MNS Chief Abruptly Leaves Party Meeting

Pune, 4th March 2024: After Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) president Raj Thackeray arrived at the party office on Sunday afternoon to assess the Pune Lok Sabha constituency, the scheduled meeting encountered a delay due to the absence of many office bearers. Frustrated by the situation, Raj Thackeray, in a fit of anger, departed from the party office and headed straight to Mumbai. This unexpected turn of events has caused a commotion among MNS workers.

During his visit to Pune, Raj Thackeray had planned to conduct assembly constituency-wise meetings in light of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. In preparation for these meetings, office bearers ranging from branch heads to organizers were summoned to attend. Raj Thackeray reached the party office in Navi Peth around 2 pm, only to find that, aside from a few state-level officials, many local activists and officials had not yet arrived. Despite waiting for some time, the meeting failed to commence even after half-past two, leading to the abrupt departure of Raj Thackeray from the premises.

Meanwhile, media representatives had gathered outside the party office, anticipating an interaction with Raj Thackeray. However, Raj Thackeray, through office bearers, conveyed a message stating, ‘I don’t want to talk to the media.’

According to sources, Raj Thackeray’s frustration grew as the meeting failed to commence on time. He questioned the officials, saying, “If the meeting wasn’t going to start on time, why call me here?” Subsequently, expressing his displeasure, he left the office and proceeded directly to Mumbai.

Attempting to downplay the situation, party spokesperson Yogesh Khaire asserted that Raj Thackeray was not upset. Khaire explained, “Raj Thackeray had initiated discussions with some organizers, but the information he sought was not forthcoming. To better prepare and engage with office bearers, he decided to leave, mentioning that he would have a meeting later. Following his departure, constituency-wise meetings were conducted as planned.”