Rail Budget: Record allocation of Rs.13,539 crores to Maharashtra

New Delhi, 3rd February 2023: Ashwini Vaishnav, Minister for Railways, Communication, Electronics and Information Technology, while addressing the media in Delhi and Maharashtra (through video conferencing) stated that in the budget 2023-24, a record allocation of Rs.13,539 crores have been given to Maharashtra. This he said is almost a 11 times more than the average allocation of Rs.1171 crore per year given to Maharashtra during 2009-14.

Naresh Lalwani, General Manager, Central Railway, Shri Subhash Chand Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director, MRVC, PHODs, and other Divisional Railway Managers of Mumbai, Bhusaval, Nagpur, Pune and Solapur & Divisional Railway Managers in Maharashtra were present on the occasion at their respective headquarters. The media representatives from Mumbai, Bhusaval, Nagpur , Pune and Solapur were connected through video conference.

The highlights of the budget 2023-24 is given below :

Total plan outlay for Central Railway in 2023-24 is Rs. 10600 crore which is higher than the plan outlay (net) of Rs.7251 crore for Central Railway in 2022-23.

Total outlay for Maharashtra during 2023-24 is Rs.13,539 crore which is almost 11% more than the average outlay for Maharashtra during 2009-2014 which was Rs.1171 per year.

New lines – Amount in Rs. 1685 Crore Rs. In Crore

1) Ahmednagar-Beed-Parli Vaijnath 250 km Rs.201

2)Wardha-Nanded via Yevatmal Pusad 270 km Rs.600

3) Solapur-Osmanabad via Tuljapur 84 km Rs.110

4) Dhule-Nardana 50 km Rs.100

5) Kalyan-Murbad via Ulhasnagar 28 km Rs.100

6) Baramati-Lonand 54 km Rs.100

7) Phaltan-Pandharpur 105 km Rs.20

Gauge Conversion

Pachora-Jamner 84 km Rs.50 crore

Doubling / 3rd Line / 4th Line – Rs.2702 crore

1) Kalyan-Kasara 3rd line 68 km Rs.90

2) Wardha-Nagpur 3rd line 76 km Rs.150

3)Wardha-Balharshah 3rd line 132 km Rs.300

4) Itarsi-Nagpur balance 280 km Rs.310

5) Pune-Miraj-Londa doubling 467 km Rs.900

6)Daund-Manmad doubling 247 km Rs.430

7) Wardha-Nagpur 4th line 79 km Rs.150

8) Manmad-Jalgaon 3rd line 160 km Rs.350

9)Jalgaon-Bhusaval 4th line 24 km Rs.20

Traffic facilities and other works – 173 Crore

1) Panvel-Kalamboli coaching terminus Phase-I stage-I Rs.10 crore

2)CSMT extension of platform 10, 11, 12, 13 for 24 coaches Rs.10 crore

3) Pune extension of platform for 24/26 coaches Rs.25 crore

Road safety works – ROB / RUB Rs.695 Crore

1) Vikhroli ROB Rs.4 crore

2) Diva ROB Rs.5 crore

Badnera wagon repair workshop Rs.40 crore

Ratnagiri rolling stock component factory Rs.82 crore

Metropolitan Transport Projects Rs.1,100 crore

(Rs.575 crore in 2022-23 and Rs.650 crore in 2021-22)

1) Belapur-Seawood-Uran line Rs.20 crore

2)MUTP Phase-II Rs.150 crore

3) MUTP Phase III Rs.650 crore

4) MUTP Phase III-A Rs.300 crore

Customer Amenities Rs.776 crore

Track Renewals – Rs.1400 crore

Bridge works, Tunnel works Rs.113 crore

Signalling and Telecommunication works Rs.237 crore