Pune: MP Supriya Sule Advocates Special Session For Sensitive Reservation Issues In Maharashtra

Pune, 25th November 2023: In a recent interaction with reporters, MP Supriya Sule emphasized the sensitivity of the reservation issue and called for a separate special session by the state government to address the concerns of various communities. Sule expressed strong support for reservation and stressed the need for the government to carefully consider the demands of the Maratha, Dhangar, Muslim, and Lingayat communities.

Paying tribute to late leader Yashwantrao Chavan on his memorial day, MP Supriya Sule, along with MP Srinivas Patil and MLA Balasaheb Patil, discussed the pressing matter of reservation in the state. Sule urged for a more responsible approach from people’s representatives and called for a sensitive examination of the situation.

Sule said, “The Maharashtra state government has failed to handle the issue of Maratha reservation properly. Maratha, Dhangar, Lingayat, and Muslim communities have been demanding reservations or discussions for ten years. Consequently, that party has become a corrupt party. It used to be run by old people, maintaining its integrity as the BJP. However, now corruption prevails, and many questions remain unanswered.”

When questioned about whether the next target for leaders like Jarange-Patil would be the BJP, Sule downplayed the idea of specific targets, emphasizing the democratic nature of political discourse. She highlighted the importance of leaders addressing issues responsibly and urged a thoughtful response to such questions.

In response to the question about the crimes registered in Antarvali Sarati and the discovery of a gun in the protester’s house, she said, “It is a pure failure of the Home Department. It is the work of the Home Department to keep all its information. However, that doesn’t seem to be happening. He (Fadnavis) was a successful Home Minister for many years. His work has looked very poor this term. What happened needs to be seriously considered.”