PM Modi Is The Most Beloved Leader Of All Leaders Around The World: Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni

New Delhi, 2nd March 2023: Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has reached New Delhi on a two-day visit to India amidst the G-20 meeting. This is the first such visit to India by a top Italian leader in the last five years. During this, PM Modi and Georgia Meloni held delegation-level talks in Delhi.

Georgia Meloni, the chief guest of the 8th Raisina Dialogue, has praised Prime Minister Modi. She said, “PM Modi is the most loved of all leaders across the world. It has indeed proved that he has been a prominent leader and congratulations on that.”

Meloni further said, “I thank PM Modi and India for our grand welcome. It is a testimony to our friendship that we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of bilateral relations. To take our relationship further, we have decided to upgrade our partnership to a strategic partnership.”

The Italian Prime Minister said, “We have decided to consider the India-Pacific Ocean Initiative, and we have done so because we believe in the international landscape, which should be based on the rules of sovereignty and total integrity.”

After meeting Italy’s PM Meloni, PM Modi said that the establishment of a startup bridge between India and Italy is being announced today, which is welcomed. “We have decided to hold regular joint exercises and training courses between the armies of the two countries,” he said.

“This year, India and Italy are celebrating the 75th anniversary of our bilateral relations. On this occasion, we have decided to elevate the India-Italy partnership to the status of a Strategic Partnership. We have emphasized further strengthening our economic ties,” PM Modi added.

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