‘My father says Jai Modi-Yogi in the morning and evening’, Kangana hints at contesting elections; Comment on Rahul too

Shimla, 29th October 2022: Assembly elections are about to be held in Himachal Pradesh. There have been speculations about Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut for some time that she can start her political innings. Kangana had also met the Chief Minister of the state Jai Ram Thakur some time back.

Now Kangana Ranaut, who reached a channel’s program, said that she is ready to enter politics to serve the people. While Kangana praised Prime Minister Modi in the conversation, he took a dig at Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal. He said that there is no competition between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi. They should not even be compared.

On the other hand, taking a jibe at Arvind Kejriwal, Kangana says, the people of Himachal do not want free electricity. The people here make their own electricity.

Kangana said that a great man like PM Narendra Modi comes only once in history. On Saturday, Kangana reached the India Today program. On the question of joining politics, the actress said, ‘Whatever the situation will be, the government wants my participation, I will do that and I am ready for my participation.’

Kangana further says, ‘As I said it would be great if People of Himachal Pradesh give me a chance to serve. Surely it will be a matter of luck.

Changes since 2014 

Supporting Narendra Modi, Kangana says, ‘Himachal is too raw right now. The idea of what kind of future we should have has just begun. After the consciousness that was transmitted in the country after 2014, people are now feeling that they are a permanent part of the country. Different types of rumors were also spread about me that they do black magic, they eat raw meat, they do not cook food. My friend from the North East during college days also had to face this. Even though consciousness has come to people now, more awareness is needed now.

Now family supports BJP 

Kangana’s family has been a supporter of Congress. Kangana said that after the arrival of Modi ji in 2014, there was a sudden transformation in my family. My father told me about Modi ji for the first time and in 2014 we officially converted to BJP.’

Kangana says, ‘Now my father used to say Jai Modi ji in the morning and Jai Yogi ji while sleeping in the evening. Huh. He has completely converted to BJP.

‘The world is accepting us as Vishwaguru’ 

In praise of Narendra Modi, Kangana said, ‘He is very approachable. They talk about farmers, they talk about business. He connects with every human being and everyone feels it. You ask anyone, he will say that Modi ji belongs to me. The most beautiful thing about a leader. He transformed Gujarat. The whole world is considering us as Vishwaguru. The way covid times were handled. This list can never end. are revered for us.’