Maharashtra Water Woes: NCP Leader Ajit Pawar Commits to Finding Solution for Koyna Dam Usage Conflict

Pune, 25th November 2023: In response to the fervent demands from local citizens and representatives, including BJP’s MP of Sangli Sanjay Patil, for redirecting water from Koyna Dam to address agriculture and drinking water needs in Satara and Sangli districts, Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra Ajit Pawar has pledged to find a solution through mediation.

The call for redirecting Koyna Dam water stems from the pressing issue of drought in Sangli district, aggravated by this year’s below-average rainfall. BJP Sangli MP Sanjay Patil has been vocal in urging the release of Koyna water for agricultural and drinking purposes. This has sparked a dispute between Satara District Guardian Minister Shambhuraj Desai and MP Sanjay Patil.

Addressing the concerns, Deputy Chief Minister Pawar assured the public during an event in Pune on Saturday that he is committed to mediating a resolution to the water allocation matter. The assurance comes in the context of the ongoing water scarcity in the region, emphasizing the importance of finding a balanced solution that addresses both power generation and the pressing needs of agriculture and drinking water.

In addition to water-related issues, Deputy Chief Minister Pawar also expressed strong opinions on other matters during the event. He highlighted the need for stringent action, including the death penalty, for drug traffickers who negatively impact the youth. Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of strict measures against those who adulterate essential food items like milk, paneer, or sweets during festivals and celebrations.

Deputy Chief Minister Pawar underscored the need for policies that prioritize the welfare of the people, and he urged for a tough stance against individuals who prioritize personal gain over the well-being of the public.