Maharashtra: MNS Advocacy for Marathi Signboards Gains Legal Ground with Supreme Court Directive

Mumbai, 22nd November 2023: The Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has long championed the cause of promoting the Marathi language on signboards for all businesses in the state of Maharashtra. This longstanding demand, which has been a focal point of multiple MNS protests, recently saw a significant development as the matter reached the Supreme Court. In response, the apex court issued a directive mandating that all shops and establishments in Maharashtra prominently display signboards in the Marathi language.

Anil Shidore, the spokesperson for MNS, has been a vocal advocate on this issue. Shidore highlighted that a deadline, set until November 25, 2023, has been established for businesses to adhere to the Supreme Court’s directive.

Taking to the ‘X’ account on Monday, Shidore shared, “First, the judgment given by the Bombay High Court and then by the Supreme Court—shop signs in Maharashtra should be in Marathi by November 25, 2023. There are 5 days left now. If the shop owners want to make a board in two languages, the Marathi language in Devanagari script should come first, and the name in Marathi should not be shorter than the name in the other language.”

Shidore also referenced the Maharashtra Shops and Establishments (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 2017.

Reiterating this message, the official ‘X’ account of MNS reposted Anil Shidore’s post, underscoring the Supreme Court’s order and the impending deadline, stating, “As per the Supreme Court order, shops in Maharashtra should have Marathi signboards in bold capital letters till November 25, 2023…last 4 days.”