Congress Veteran in Wayanad Joins BJP, Cites Party’s National Relevance and Leadership Absence

Wayanad, 21st April 2024: On Saturday, the general secretary of the Wayanad district Congress committee made a significant decision to switch allegiance, leaving the Congress party to join the BJP.

P.M. Sudhakaran, a dedicated member of the Congress for over four decades, cited reasons for his departure, including what he perceived as the declining relevance of the Congress on the national stage and the absence of visits by Rahul Gandhi, the party leader, to his Lok Sabha constituency over the past five years.

Sudhakaran expressed his belief that the BJP is better positioned to deliver consistent and welfare-focused governance for the nation, indicating a shift in his political affiliations based on governance priorities. He emphasized his decision to join the BJP as unconditional, following discussions with the BJP’s state leader and the candidate for Wayanad, K. Surendran.