Government should take measures to increase income instead of controlling spending on its own people: Satyajeet Tambe

Mumbai March 10, 2023: MLC Satyajeet Tambe, in a calling attention motion, raised questions on the existing issues pertaining to the old pension scheme which is the boiling issue of Maharashtra for the last several months.

Thousands of government employees have been protesting and have stern opinions about the introduction of the new pension scheme. “The state government needs to make a decision on a war-footing basis in their meeting,” Tambe said in the Council.

Satyajeet Tambe said governments lay more emphasis on the fact of rising prices, instead, they should focus on how to raise more income for the people. “They are doing nothing to generate income and then control spending money on the people of Maharashtra. This will yield nothing,” Tambe said.

Tambe said 16.5 crore people avail of various pension schemes across the country, out of which 84 lakh government employees in India fall under new or old pension schemes.

“Not just that, gratuity and family pension initiatives are not yet implemented in the state. The Central Government has implemented the same but Maharashtra is yet to put it into practice. Such small gestures help people and provide considerable relief until the issue is solved,” Tambe added.

Tambe also said that cashless mediclaim should be carried out for all government employees. “Most of the money that they are to receive as aid gets wasted in running around to claim the scheme. People don’t get their claim for more than two years.”

Tambe also urged the Education Minister that there are ample questions and concerns of teachers, education staff, and educational institutions which need to be addressed to solve their issues.


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