Election For Congress President Approaches; No Confirmation From Rahul Gandhi About Retaking Post

Delhi, 10th August 2022: The election for the post of Congress President is approaching closer. A discussion has also begun in the Congress about the names of Rahul Gandhi and the current interim President, Sonia Gandhi. However, this time, Congress leaders seem to have different views on Rahul Gandhi becoming Party President. At the same time, new information states that the Wayanad MP himself is refraining from making statements about taking over the command.




According to a report by the Economic Times, many party leaders, including office bearers of the All India Congress Committee (AICC), are unable to confidently state if Rahul will acquire the post again. He resigned as Chief in 2019. According to the report, there are also discussions among Congress leaders about who will take on the position if not Rahul Gandhi.




An AICC official said, “I cannot say. Only Rahul can tell what is on his mind. As far as the election of the Congress President is concerned, the leadership remains on its schedule. Due to logistical reasons, it can be extended only for a few more days.”




According to the report, several senior party leaders had personally tried to persuade Rahul to make a promise to his mother, Sonia Gandhi, to take over as the president. However, the promise was not received. A senior Congress leader said, “Even though I cannot say what will happen in the end, but, looking at the situation, I think he (Rahul) has gone too far to come back to accept the post.”




Another Gandhi family loyalist said, “Last week when several Congress MPs were detained along with Rahul Ji at the police camp after the march against inflation, many appealed to him to take up the post of Party President. But he refused to promise.”




According to the report, if Rahul Gandhi refuses to become the president again, there is speculation in Congress circles about the names of leaders like Mukul Wasnik and Mallikarjun Kharge as compromise candidates. Multiple Congress leaders and State Congress Committees will be ready to appeal to Gandhi-Vadra to take the post of President.