Bihar: BJP Has Not Faltered Due To Nitish Kumar’s Decision, Four Opportunities Present Themselves

Patna, 10th August 2022: In Bihar, the paths have separated for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Janata Dal (United) (JDU). Nitish Kumar has decided to run politics along with many other parties, including Rashtriya Janata Dal. Reportedly, the BJP took a hit by this decision. However, many benefits await the BJP in Bihar, which has been in trouble for a short time.




In 2020, out of 243 seats in the Bihar Legislative Assembly, the BJP had fielded candidates on 110 seats, while 115 JDU leaders were in the fray then. At the same time, in 2010, the BJP had only 102 seats to contest, but Kumar’s party had claimed 141 seats. Now, when the party will enter the election without Kumar’s support, it will also have an increased number of seats.




In 2017, Kumar broke ties with the Grand Alliance and joined hands with the BJP. It has been five years since Nitish Kumar and the BJP government in Bihar. In this sense, the pair would have been running the government for seven years till 2024. In such a situation, by separating from Kumar’s rule, the problem of the anti-incumbency wave in the state can also be overcome to some extent by the head of the BJP.




The latest example of differences of opinion on issues was seen during the uproar in Bihar during the Agneepath scheme. Kumar had kept silent about this decision of the central government. Whereas, there was opposition to this new process for recruitment in the armed forces all over the state. Apart from this, JDU’s opinion is different from the BJP regarding the Uniform Civil Code. Now, after the separation of JDU, the BJP can be free with its policies.




In the last few assembly elections, the performance of the BJP has been better than the JDU. In 2010, the BJP won 91 out of 102 seats, and the JDU won 115 seats. However, in the 2015 assembly elections, the BJP won 53 out of 157, and JDU won 71 out of 101.




The BJP, which got 110 seats in the 2020 assembly elections, won 74. At the same time, Kumar’s party won only 43 out of 115 seats. If the BJP’s performance in the upcoming Lok Sabha and Assembly elections is good, it will increase the political stature of the BJP.




After the better electoral performance, the party does not have a leader of Kumar’s stature. Experts say that the BJP has failed to establish its big leader amid the JDU leader working in the Raj. However, now the party has this opportunity as well.