Balkum Project Winners Demand Two-Month Extension For Payment

Konkan, 24th January 2023: The construction of the parking lot in the Balkum project of Konkan Mandal of MHADA is progressing slowly, and it is impossible to get an occupancy certificate for 194 houses in this project till March. Therefore, 194 eligible winners/beneficiaries of Balkum have requested the Konkan Board to extend the deadline by two months to pay 50 per cent of the house amount.

In the 2018 lottery of Konkan Mandal, 125 houses in the Balkum project were drawn. Beneficiaries have been accommodated in one of the schemes of this project stalled in 2000 of Konkan Mandal. 194 houses in Balkum have been completed and these buildings have not received occupancy certificates. According to the directives of the Thane Municipal Corporation, it is necessary to provide as much parking as necessary in the project. Therefore, the board is constructing three parking garages on 17 floors here. Accordingly, it was claimed by the board that the work of the parking lots will be completed by March 2023 and after that, the resident certificate will be issued. A few months ago, the board sent a declaratory letter to 194 people and started paying the house amount in four phases.

While paying the amount of the house, the board directly increased the price of the house by Rs 16 lakh. This amount was increased due to other expenses, including parking. This was opposed by 194 eligible winners/beneficiaries. The board rejected the demand to withdraw the decision. Finally, the matter has gone to the High Court. A 16 lakhs increment has been requested to be cancelled and the case is currently sub judice. Meanwhile, the eligible winners/beneficiaries have paid 25 per cent and now they have to pay 50 per cent, i.e. Rs 30 lakh, by January 31. But since they will not get possession by March, they questioned why they should incur the same monthly instalment of the home loan by paying this amount. The eligible winners and beneficiaries have demanded an extension to pay 50 per cent of the amount. The deadline for payment will expire within a week. Meanwhile, the board has not decided on this demand. Therefore, a qualified winner informed that he will now meet the chief officers of the board.

A proposal in this regard will be sent to MHADA Vice President.