Will Putin Be Replaced As President Of Russia?

Russia, 30th October 2022: Discussions have begun in Russia for the replacement of President Vladimir Putin. Ukraine’s head of defence intelligence, General Kyrlo Budanov, has made this claim. According to media reports, Major General Budanov says that Putin is likely to remain in his post until the end of the Ukraine war. A round of talks has started regarding the situation after Putin’s removal from power.

Major General Kyrlo Budanov said, “It is unlikely that Vladimir Putin will be able to save his power. There is a debate going on in Russia about who will replace Putin. This claim of the Ukrainian official is considered surprising in many ways.” Putin approved that law last year, paving the way for two additional terms of 6-6 years for him. With this, he can remain President till 2036.

The head of Ukraine’s defence intelligence said Russia continues to face failures on the battlefield. “Our target is to recapture Khersan by the end of November. Along with this, Ukraine will also try to take back Crimea, which Russia occupied in 2014.:

Talking about the war, Russia has accused Ukraine of carrying out drone strikes on the headquarters of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea near Crimea. Russian officials said that nine aerial and nine sea drones carried out the attacks. One battleship was destroyed in these attacks on the city of Sevastopol. It is known that Sivastopal is the largest city in Crimea, which Russia took over by Ukraine in 2014.

At the same time, Russia has suspended the UN-mediated grain export agreement. The deal resulted in the export of more than 90 million tonnes of grain from Ukraine and brought down food prices globally. Moscow has blamed Ukraine’s drone strikes on Russian Black Sea Fleet ships in the Crimean peninsula for the move. However, Ukraine has denied the attack.