Shiv Sena UBT Leader Ambadas Danve Suspended for Five Days Over Misconduct

Mumbai, 2nd July 2024: Ambadas Danve, the Leader of the Opposition in the Maharashtra Legislative Council from Shiv Sena UBT, has been suspended for five days for alleged misconduct and abusive language in the House on Monday.

Deputy Chairperson Neelam Gorhe took action against Danve on Tuesday following his reported use of offensive language during an uproar in the House. The commotion arose after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s strong critique of the BJP in the Lok Sabha, claiming that those identifying as Hindus are spreading “violence and hate.”

The Maha Vikas Aghadi, the opposition alliance, opposed Danve’s suspension and demanded a discussion. When Deputy Chairperson Gorhe refused, the Opposition MLCs walked out in protest.

Uddhav Thackeray, Shiv Sena UBT chief and former Maharashtra chief minister, condemned the suspension as undemocratic. “Ambadas should have had the opportunity to present his side. No one was allowed to speak or discuss the issue. This seems unprecedented—an Opposition leader suspended without discussion, seemingly out of vendetta. The people of Maharashtra are witnessing this injustice against an opposition leader who was voicing public concerns in the House,” Thackeray stated at the Vidhan Sabha premises.

Earlier, the Maharashtra Legislative Council was adjourned three times as BJP MLC Pravin Darekar objected to Danve’s alleged use of foul language the previous day.

Darekar insisted on discussing Danve’s behaviour immediately, despite Gorhe’s request to complete the Question Hour first. “The legislative council’s sanctity must be maintained, especially by the Leader of the Opposition,” Darekar stated.

Gorhe acknowledged the seriousness of the matter and said a decision could only be made after reviewing video evidence and other details.

Darekar, expressing his disapproval, claimed Danve not only used foul language in the House but also discussed it with the media, questioning the seriousness of his behaviour. He asserted his right to speak and threatened to disrupt the proceedings, prompting Gorhe to adjourn the House initially for one hour.

After resuming, the House again witnessed disorderly scenes over the issue, leading to two more adjournments until 2 pm.

On Monday, the confrontation began with BJP legislators Prasad Lad and Danve adopting aggressive stances and allegedly using unparliamentary language towards each other.

The ruling Mahayuti alliance, which includes the BJP, was demanding a resolution in the Council to condemn Rahul Gandhi for his alleged anti-Hindu remarks and send it to the Lok Sabha.