Sharad Pawar Reveals Potential Merger of Regional Parties with Congress, Sparks Political Reactions

Mumbai, 8th May 2024: Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra and veteran leader Sharad Pawar has made a significant revelation. Pawar stated that regional political parties will merge with the Indian National Congress. Regarding the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP-SP), he will engage in discussions with my colleagues to make a decision. Following this statement from Pawar, there have been numerous responses in political circles across Maharashtra. Congress Maharashtra State President Nana Patole, Opposition Leader Vijay Wadettiwar, and the BJP have all responded to this development. Mahayuti Coordinator MLA Prasad Lad has targeted Sharad Pawar’s comments about Congress and Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray. He posted a tweet on X (formerly Twitter), in which he taunted former CM Uddhav Thackeray.

Responding to Sharad Pawar’s statement, Congress State President Nana Patole said, “A few days ago, Rahul Gandhi visited Pune. At that time, he informed me about discussions regarding the merger of regional parties into the Congress across the state. He emphasized the need for various parties to come together to counter the BJP’s dictatorship. Rahul Gandhi stated that many parties should unite against the BJP’s authoritarian rule. Hence, there is truth in Sharad Pawar’s statement. All parties will collaborate under the leadership of the Gandhi family, without any conditions. The citizens’ trust has been bolstered by Rahul Gandhi’s foot march from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.”

Opposition leader Vijay Wadettiwar remarked, “Sharad Pawar adheres to Gandhi’s ideology, which is indomitable. Gandhi’s principles are enduring and cannot be extinguished. Some political parties resemble unseasonal rain, wreaking havoc like the unpredictable weather. The ruling party’s actions are akin to unseasonal rain, disrupting normalcy. However, Congress is akin to a perennial river, flowing continuously. From Rajeev Gandhi to Manmohan Singh, the party has been driven by the agenda of development. Now, there is a wind of change blowing. The public is poised to transform the entire nation, and we witness widespread support for Congress. Pawar Saheb’s words are valid, as he speaks only after thorough contemplation. He possesses insightful visions.”

He further said, “Sharad Pawar’s roots lie in Congress and Gandhi’s ideology. He has been nurtured in this school of thought and has evolved into the statesman he is today. His political journey began during Yashwantrao Chavan’s era. Therefore, it is natural for him to believe that a strong Congress translates to a strong nation.”