PM Modi Receives Warm Welcome in Moscow, Emphasizing Strong India-Russia Ties

Moscow, 8th July 2024: Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Moscow on Monday for a two-day visit, receiving a warm welcome at the airport from Russia’s First Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov. This reception, by a senior official, ranked higher than the Deputy Prime Minister who greeted Chinese President Xi Jinping during his recent visit, highlights the significance Russia places on its relationship with India. Manturov’s welcome and accompaniment of PM Modi to the hotel underscores this importance.

The high-ranking reception contrasts with China’s, where a lower-ranking official received President Xi, emphasizing the unique diplomatic protocol extended to India. Historically, India has maintained a strong relationship with Russia since the Cold War, with Russia once being India’s largest arms supplier. However, the Ukraine conflict has strained Russia’s military resources, leading to a decline in arms exports to India in recent years.

Simultaneously, India has become a major buyer of discounted Russian oil, providing crucial revenue for Moscow and reshaping the energy partnership. This shift has allowed India to save billions while bolstering Russia’s economy amid ongoing conflicts.

PM Modi’s visit, his first to Russia since 2019, aims to balance India’s longstanding ties with Moscow with its growing security cooperation with Western powers. The high-level reception by Russia underscores India’s continued importance as a partner in a changing global landscape.