Maharashtra Politics: Muslim-Dominated Malegaon Central Key in Congress Victory Over BJP in Dhule

Nashik, 6th June 2024: The Malegaon Central assembly segment, predominantly populated by Muslims, emerged as a pivotal factor in securing Congress candidate Shobha Bachhav’s victory over two-term Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Subhash Bhamre in the recent Lok Sabha elections in the Dhule constituency.

Bachhav’s support base, spanning across various segments within the Dhule Lok Sabha constituency, reflected a distribution of 75,923 votes in Dhule Rural, 68,424 in Sinkheda, 72,242 in Malegaon Outer, 78,253 in Baglan, 88,438 in Dhule City, and a significant 198,869 votes in Malegaon Central.

In contrast, Bhamre’s voter distribution encompassed 139,721 votes in Dhule Rural, 111,849 in Sinkheda, 127,454 in Malegaon Outer, 100,166 in Baglan, 93,262 in Dhule City, and a marginal 4,542 votes in Malegaon Central.

While Bhamre held a lead in the five assembly segments other than Malegaon Central, the cumulative votes from these segments couldn’t compensate for the substantial margin that Bachhav secured in Malegaon Central.

Notably, the vote margin in Malegaon Central surpassed 1.9 lakh votes, significantly contributing to Congress’s victory margin of over 3,800 votes in the overall election results.