Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde Blames ‘400 Paar’ Slogan for Election Setback

Mumbai, 12th June 2024: Chief Minister Eknath Shinde attributed the electoral setback faced by Mahayuti to the negative narrative surrounding the “400 paar” slogan, which aimed to win over 400 Lok Sabha seats. Speaking on Tuesday, Shinde noted that this target was falsely linked to potential constitutional changes, creating apprehension among voters.

“The people believed the misinformation, and it backfired. Their campaign couldn’t even cross 300 seats. In several states, we faced significant setbacks, including Maharashtra where Mahayuti did not achieve the expected success,” Shinde remarked.

Shinde made these comments during a meeting of the Central Agricultural Value and Price Commission, which convened to discuss the minimum base price for agricultural crops. Representatives from Gujarat, Goa, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Diu-Daman, and Maharashtra were in attendance.

Commending Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Shinde stated that Modi had worked tirelessly for the past 10 years without a holiday. “But what happened? The narrative that the Constitution would be changed and reservations would be removed harmed us in some areas. These discussions were baseless, but the ‘400 paar’ slogan created all the problems,” Shinde explained.

Emphasizing India’s agricultural roots, Shinde said, “India is an agricultural country, and the farmer is the provider of food. No one can be happy if the farmer is unhappy.”

He also announced plans to meet with the Union agriculture minister to demand minimum support prices for onion, cotton, and soybean.