Countdown to December 3: Exit Polls Signal Congress Surge in Telangana, BJP’s Hold in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan

New Delhi, 30th November 2023: Assembly elections have concluded in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, and Mizoram, with exit poll results beginning to surface. However, the clear picture will only emerge on December 3 when the counting of votes for the assembly elections in these five states is scheduled.

In News 24-Chanakya’s survey, Congress appears to be heading for a significant majority in Telangana. The projection suggests Congress securing 71 seats, with BRS expected to attain 33 seats. Meanwhile, BJP is anticipated to secure seven seats.

In the News 24-Chanakya survey for Madhya Pradesh, BJP is projected to secure 139-163 seats, Congress with 62-86 seats, and others with 1-9 seats.

In Telangana, the Congress is seemingly set to deliver a blow to BRS. As per the exit poll by India TV CNX, BJP may secure 31-47 seats, BRS 2-4 seats, while Congress may clinch 63-79 seats.

Times Now conducted a survey for Rajasthan, projecting BJP to attain 108-128 seats, Congress to secure 56-72 seats, and others to obtain 13-21 seats.

According to the TV9 Bharatvarsha survey, BJP may secure 100-110 seats, Congress 90-100 seats, and others 5 to 15 seats in Rajasthan.

As per News 24 Chanakya’s survey, Congress is poised for a decisive majority in Chhattisgarh. Here, Congress is expected to secure 57-65 seats, while BJP may get 33-41 seats, and others are projected to secure 3 seats.

India TV’s survey suggests MNF may secure 14-18 seats, ZPM 12-16 seats, Congress 8-10 seats, while BJP may get 0-2 seats in Mizoram.

Exit polls are conducted on the day of voting, where various agencies ask questions to voters. These questions include inquiries about the party they voted for, providing insights into public sentiment.

Opinion polls, on the other hand, are conducted before elections, gauging public preferences and revealing the pre-election mood.